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Project Management and Consulting Services for Pharmaceutical Companies

  1. Medical and pharmaceutical scientific research management
  2. Creating a factory and R&D facility construction project for new and growing companies
    • area planning
    • designing factory building
    • premise concept design
    • engineering-related consulting
    • equipment selection
  3. New equipment installation and consulting
  4. Validation of equipment and manufacturing processes
  5. Installing GLP, GMP and HACCP systems
  6. Drug and food supplement registration services
  7. Project management
    • preclinical trials
    • clinical trials
    • bioequivalence trials
    • pharmacoeconomic studies
  8. Development of technological formulations and forms for drugs/food supplements
  9. Preparation of business plans
  10. Auditing of pharmaceutical companies
  11. Consulting services for pharmaceutical companies

Creating Factory and R&D Facility Construction Projects for New and Growing Pharmaceutical Companies

  1. Area planning
  2. Designing factory building
  3. Premise concept design
  4. Engineering-related consulting
  5. Equipment selection

Adoption and Management of Green Energy Systems

  1. Evaluation of energetic effectiveness
  2. Energy audit
  3. System design and installation
  4. Consulting

About Us

Aksada, a pharmaceutical research company, is engaged in various projects related to development of innovative medicines and novel food, medical device development, technological process solutions and technologies for manufacturing in areas of cardiology, oncology, endocrinology, microbiology, skin diseases, musculoskeletal disorders and gerontology.

Aksada focuses on developing effective, high quality products using natural ingredients. Development process of such unique products is research-intensive. In order to guarantee success, company is cooperating with prominent scientists working in various fields and has formed a team of interdisciplinary professionals. Aksada is collaborating with National Research Centre for Innovative Medicine and Lithuanian University of Health Sciences. The company has access to the modern equipment and facilities available at the Centre for the Advanced Pharmaceutical and Health Technologies in Kaunas. This Centre has well-equipped laboratories and an experimental manufacturing facility where some of Aksada’s new products are going to be developed and manufactured.

Our company is seeking strategic partners worldwide in different areas, from research to distribution. Therefore, if you can envision how your organisation would benefit from collaborating with Aksada, please contact us at and we will get back to you.

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